From Chris (owner of Marshall) :

Suzanne is the best. She has been a great friend to my best friends, both my last dog and Suzanne was amazing when my dog passed. She now helps with my dog now. So I have used Dog Day Afternoons for almost 15 years- wow. Marshall (the dog) stays with her when we are away and he just loves Suzanne. Suzanne takes him on incredibly long walks in different parts of The City and he comes home tired. She lets me know when or if he is not feeling well. I know my dog is well cared for and trust here having keys to the home. She is truly a professional. I can not recommend enough!!

From Daren (owner of Calvin) :

Suzanne's dog walking service was exemplary. She walked my dog for over 7 years in SF until we moved to Marin. After we moved, we never found another professional dog walker who provided a similar level of professionalism and loving care as Suzanne. Suzanne loves dogs, but this is her BUSINESS. She virtually never called in sick (even during flu season) and would go to great lengths to prep her clients for days she would be away. I never came home to a dirty dog, even during the rainy/dirty season either. My dog loved her and was always content after an outing with her. I cannot recommend Suzanne highly enough. She is just a pro and a sweet, sweet person too.

From Jules (owner of Giovanna) :

Suzanne has been walking dogs for me for more years than I care to remember.  She has always been responsible and caring for the needs of the dogs and I trust her implicitly when it comes to handling my pets.  She is businesslike, honest, truly loves dogs and is highly recommended.

From Bernice (owner of Junior) :

I have had Suzanne of Dog Day Afternoons as my dog walker for nearly two years.  She picks up my dog at my door at a agreed upon time and returns him right to the door again.  I find her reliable, pleasant and helpful with dog related issues.  

He loves her and runs to the door when he knows she is near the building.  I would recommend her to any dog lover.

From Angel (owner of Jake & Lucky) :

My partner and I have used Suzanne as our dog walker for nearly twelve years, for a Lab, a Flat Coated Retriever, and now a pair of crazy Silky Terriers.  She is absolutely wonderful, and our dogs have always loved her.  We trust and rely on her, and consider her a great resource in our lives.  We could not recommend her more highly.

From Elin and Bill (owners of Makena) :

We were very lucky to find Dog Day Afternoons when we first moved to San Francisco. Even though we were only in the city for a short time, Suzanne linked immediately with our Makena. She loved Suzanne! We wish we had access to such a professional and true dog lover where we live now in Oregon!

From Catherine (owner of Hobbs) :

Suzanne is awesome!  She is very good with my vizsla puppy (who has an unlimited amount of energy) and he always comes home happy and tired.  She is very reliable, she loves the dogs and overall, a very easy person to work with.  Hobbs (my dog) adores her and it has made my life a lot easier.  It is also good to know my puppy is always in good hands.

From Deborah Kent (owner of Kent’s Kanines) :

Suzanne is a great dog walker. Reliable, professional, caring and loves what she does!! Rain or shine!! I have known her since 1993 and have recommended her so many times with always the best results. Best dog walks in San Francisco!